With my travel buddy of the year, we decided to offer us a little break under the sun.So after some researches we chose Sanya for our next week-end trip.

We left from Wuhan on friday evening. Our flight was at 6:00pm for an arriving time at 8:40pm. In the airport, when we arrived, we followed the taxis sign. It’s a more secure way to get a taxi. Because when you’re white and you don’t speak chinese, it’s easy for the taxis drivers to refuse to put the meter on and to convince you to pay an exorbitant price.

So after we got in the taxi, we discovered a little bit the city by night. After around 30 minutes, we finally arrived to our hotel.

Next morning we went to the annexe bulding to have breakfast. It was a very good buffet.

The hotel provided a schuttle to go to the beach even if the beach is only 10 minutes walk from the hotel. But for this time we wanted to act like princesses so we took the schuttle. By the way there is a schuttle every 30 minutes from 7am to 7pm. So we arrived at the beach but as it was not very early and that « older » people were already there we couldn’t find a deckchair on the private beach from our hotel. But, that was not a problem, few meters far away we found 2 deckchairs that we rent for as long as we wanted for only 25 RMB each. So, we laid down and enjoyed the sun and the sea.

Around the middle of the afternoon, we decided to make the 1st big activity of the week-end : parasailing. For « only » 315 RMB, we could fly and appreciate the view of the beach from the sky. Thanks to my new « toy », my beautiful action cam, we could record, at least the flight of my travel buddy. For me it didn’t work as it was our first try and it’s useless to tell you that I was really disappointed and that’s why I decided to do it again the next day.


So we continue the day by doing a little dive in the swimming pool on our way back to the hotel. We even had a drink at the swimming pool bar and when I say that I mean it was literally a bar inside the swimming pool. The seats were inside the water. It was a quite expensive experience with a coke can at 15 RMB (to remember I pay a 550ml bottle 4 RMB in Wuhan). After this refreshment, we came back to the hotel to take a shower and have a little rest before going out for diner.



Next day we did quite the same : breakfast, beach but this time no sun. We burnt the day before so we took care of our skin. Later in this afternoon, I did my second flight in parasailing. And after that, we bought ourself (for 175 RMB) a jet ski ride. And it was amazing because as soon as we left the swimming area, we could take the control of the jet ski, SO WE DROVE A JET SKI!

So exciting, the speed, the wind in your hair, it sounds like « cliché » but it was really like that. After this amazing experience, we came back to the hotel again to take a shower and have some rest before going out for diner. We hoped to see the sunset but arriving on the beach we realised that the sun didn’t go down on this side of the city. (BLOND SLIDE!!!)


After diner we had a little walk throughout the beach and we went back to the hotel. The day after we woke up and went to take our last breakfast. We found a taxi and went back to the airport to have our come back flight. Here’s how our weekend trip finished in Sanya. And in Wuhan we were welcomed by the cold and the rain. WELCOME BACK HOME!!!

Last week was a really bad one. I realised that everyone move on without me. The person I cared so much moved on after leaving me by side, and that’s still hurting. I don’t manage to let it go. Every day I have a thought about her and that doesn’t help.

Ma family moves on to. My sister had a baby almost 2 weeks ago, and with my mum who’s here to help her, they live something new without me. Fanally, my sister offered to my mother evertyhting she dreamed about and I could’nt because I chose a different life? And after talking with my mum yesterday, I realised that I was a kind of disappointement for her. And it’s not really pleasant to feel this way.

Hope this week will be better!

Here’s my top 5 apps for China (at least the ones that I think they are the most useful)


As you probably know, as soon as you will put your feet on the chinese territory, you won’t have access to Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… So to keep using internet as you used to you will need a VPN.

  1. Betternet  (free)
  2. Astrill  (it’s not free but it could be a better choice if you plan to stay in China more than few weeks.


If you are like me and you don’t know how to speak, read or write chinese, you will need this kind of apps.

  1. HanYou (free on google store but apparently not free anymore on itunes, don’t know why) The big advantage of this app is that you can take picture of chinese character to traslate it or you also can draw it.
  2. Pleco The google store version of Pleco is really better than the itunes one. On iphone you can only use Pleco as the dictionnary but on android you could draw the chinese character to translate it.


The Camera app is one of the most useful app when you are in a country where you can not speak the local language. So it’s useful in restaurant to show then what you want to eat, in the hari dresser to show wich kind of haircut you want…


If you want to travel in China, that’s the app you need. With this app you can book flights, hotels, and trains. Even if to book a train ticket it’s more easy to use the counter of an hotel. Like that you won’t need to queue at the train station to get out your ticket.

5. MetrO

In this app you can download many cities included the big chinese cities. With this app you could calculate your itinerary and you don’t need an internet connection to use it.


I’m going to give you an extra one.

6. WeChat

If you want to connect with chinese people, this app will probably be useful for you. It’s a kind of WhatsApp, so it has the same functionalities with few more like the localisation of people using the app around you… So if you want to keep in touch with some people you would have met you will need this app.